Doyle Sails and SailM8 Partnership

Looking for new sails? SailM8 is proud to partner with the global leaders in high performance sails, Doyle Sails!

SailM8 believes no other sailmaker works as hard to satisfy the unique needs to every client, from the day sailors to the superyachts, and every boat in between. If you're looking to win races, cruise confidently, or just enjoy your boat more, you can rely on Doyle Sails.

The four principle reasons you should choose Doyle over other sailmakers for your cruising or club race needs are:

  • Quality - Continually high standards of workmanship
  • Performance - With continuous innovation and technology Doyle Sails perform at the top of the fleet
  • People - Doyle staff is some of the most experienced in the business.
  • Cost - Because Doyle sails are made in house from start to finish there's considerable cost advantages

Innovation around new and existing sailing technologies has always been at the core of the Doyle Sails operation. A major advantage of Doyle Sails is their stellar all-round team that cover every aspect of sailmaking, from R&D and design to sailmaking technology. Doyle's strategy is to provide full support to all of customers across the board.

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SailM8 is leading in the industry with incentive programs for each purchase on a new Doyle Sail. Get in store credits, rebates, and free gear with the purchase of a new Doyle Sail! 


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