About Us

At SailM8 we would like to be your mate. 

If your mate owned a gear store would they hook you up?  Well, that's what we’ve set out to do; offer you high quality gear, hook up pricing, and the best possible shopping experience.

In a competitive marketplace, we know that sailing gear is a commodity and you have a lot of options as a consumer. Just like any of your other mates, we respect your choice and will do everything we can to earn your trust and friendship.

Sail M8 was founded by a core team of sailors whose goal is to help you sail as fast as you crave while being safe, sound, and comfortable on the water. Our mission is to serve the sailor, fuel the industry, and inspire the sailing community.

Be sure to visit our sailing resources page where we’ve endeavored to collect information to help you improve skills, sail fast, and enjoy your sailing adventures.

See you on the water!