Who We Are

At SailM8, we go beyond being just a gear store - we strive to be your trusted mate in the world of sailing.

If you had a friend who owned a gear store, wouldn't you expect them to hook you up? That's exactly what we aim to do at SailM8 - provide you with top-quality gear at unbeatable prices, while ensuring the best shopping experience possible. We understand that the sailing gear market is highly competitive, and as a consumer, you have plenty of options. But just like any of your other mates, we value your freedom of choice and will go above and beyond to earn your trust and friendship.

Founded by a passionate team of experienced sailors, SailM8's ultimate goal is to fuel your sailing desires by helping you sail faster, while prioritizing safety, comfort, and enjoyment on the water. Our mission is simple - to serve the sailor, drive the industry forward, and inspire the wider sailing community.

See you on the water!