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Gill Men's Millbrook Long Sleeve Crew
  • $39.95
Gill Pro Gloves Long Finger
  • $46.95
Gill Men's Coastal Trouser
  • $180.00
Gill Men's Zenlite Top
  • $99.95
Gill Men's Zenlite Skiff Suit
  • $130.00
Gill Race Zenith Top
  • $109.00
Gill Men's Race FireCell Skiff Suit
  • $269.00
Gill Winter Angler Jacket
  • $325.00
Gill Active Bib Trouser
  • $159.00
Gill Men's Short Sleeve Holcombe Crew
  • $44.95
Gill Men's Holcombe Crew
  • From $49.95
Gill Men's Millbrook Zip Tee
  • $49.95
Gill Race Trousers
  • $140.00
Gill Men's UV Tec Trousers
  • $120.00
Gill Deck Trousers
  • $60.00
Gill Men's Active Jacket
  • $230.00
Gill Tournament Bib
  • $250.00
Gill Tournament Jacket
  • $299.00

Your number one source of Men's Sailing Gear! Shop online for sailing and yachting apparel. Men's, women's, and team clothing and gear are available. Our high-quality sailing clothing and equipment from top brands are designed for functionality and style, and are trusted by professionals.

It will keep you comfortable and dry in all conditions. Sailing jackets, trousers, shoes, and more are available with cutting-edge technologies such as advanced waterproof technology, windproof fabrics, and water-resistant treatments – ideal for ocean racers, inshore cruisers, and dinghy sailors.

Our foul weather gear from top brands, which we proudly ensemble sailors, fishermen, power boaters, and marine enthusiasts, are now available on SailM8.