Doyle Design

The innovators behind the leading Cableless Technology and where sailmaking boundaries are redefined. 

Doyle Sails' central design team consists of highly qualified sailors who each bring different strengths. Unique design software and tools are amongst the most advanced 3D modelling and air flow technology available worldwide.

"One of the cornerstones of our sailmaking process is a sophisticated and thorough approach to design and engineering. Before any fibre gets laid or cloth is cut, we complete a detailed analysis of the boat, the rig and hardware to fully understand what will be required to make sails that will fulfill the customer's requirements. This approach, in combination with design expertise, has given us the confidence and experience to take on some of the biggest and most complex yacht projects." - Doyle Sails

“The design team led by Richard Bouzaid, put in a huge effort. If you want something different, something fast or an edge - it is best not to follow the crowd”.

- Alex Thomson, Hugo Boss Vendee Globe 2016/17