SailM8 Sails

Our start came from buying and selling used sails to support our racing/sailing habit. Eventually, because of pure necessity, we began repairing sails in our garage. At some point we thought, why not? Let's make a sail from scratch. It wasn't great but we improved and eventually began to supply friends with sails.
Today we are still a small loft working out of a small space which saves a great deal of overhead. 
Our primary focus is on cruising sails, one design training sails, and club level racing sails.
We really find gratification in being able to hook someone up with a great deal on a sail and our goal is to provide folks with the best possible value in the market. Period. We believe It's important to look up at a new sail flying and not only see a beautiful shape, but also feeling the internal satisfaction of knowing it's a fantastic product and you got a great deal.
To that end, we utilize independent designers with great/fast designs and partner with world class cloth manufactures to bring you a great product. While most of our sails are cut overseas and some of the work is done there to save money in the labor process, they are finished right here on our floor in San Diego.
Our name is inspired by all of our mates who know the most important thing in a sail is a great shape, high quality materials and a great price. We would love nothing more than to collaborate your experience and sailing adventures by providing you with a fantastic sail.
See you on the water!