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Samson Lightning Rope - Dyneema / Vectran
  • From $0.78
New England Ropes V-12 Vectran
  • From $0.69
New England Ropes Bzzz Line - Polyester / Polypropylene
  • From $0.86
New England Ropes Salsa Line - Dyneema / Polyester
  • From $1.71
New England Ropes STS-HSR Heat-Set Dyneema
  • From $1.28

Your number one source of Single Braid Cordage! IMPROVE YOUR SAILING LINES. We offer some of the most prestigious lines in the sailing and boating industries. Sailboat cordage from the most prestigious brands is now available on SailM8!

This cordage is made from a variety of materials, which are becoming increasingly diverse as a result of ongoing research. Each type has a unique set of properties that make it suitable for a specific application. Working and breaking load, stretch, resistance to UV rays and chafing, handling comfort, and suitability are all factors to consider. The choice will be determined by the intended use, whether cruising or racing.

Whether you're looking for a practical upgrade to your sailing line or want to incorporate genuine sailing rope into your next sailing adventure, this is your chance. Explore them on SailM8 and take advantage of the best deals. Get them right away!