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Your number one source of sails! We've been asked, were mermaids harmed? Did you tap the power of the Kraken? Does Neptune know about this? Is something wrong with the sail? How can you do this?

Rest assured our sails are great and there is no catch. And, while we can't confirm if mythical creatures were consulted, we can confirm none have been harmed by us. Here is how it works: There are 4 things that go into making a sail for you, we simply streamlined the process to pass the savings on. 

1. Designing the sail

2. Standard color spinnakers

3. Standard cloth

4. Low overhead-no commission

Our standard sails and practice sails are used in day sailing, long term cruising and club racing. If you are interested in sails purpose built for your boat or sailing application, feel free to reach out for a quote. We can easily walk through the measurement process with you or have your boat measured for you to provide a quote for your specific sailing application or boat.