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Gill Men's UV Tec Trousers, UV014
  • $125.00
Gill Men's Coastal Trouser, OS32T
  • $190.00
Gill Men's Coastal Pant
  • $160.00
Gill Pilot Trouser
  • $110.00
Gill Deck Trousers, 5016SG
  • $64.95
Gill Men's Winter Angler Bib, FG350T
  • $250.00

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In the Outdoor and Sailing Recreation store, SailM8 has a large selection of Men's Pants. The most cutting-edge clothing to keep you safe. SailM8's collection of women's sailing trousers, shorts, and salopettes from the most premium brand has been designed to provide protection and performance in all weather conditions, from UV protective, fast-dry trousers and foiling wetsuits to tough, ocean GORE-TEX® salopettes.

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