Top 5 Items Needed When Sailing

Top 5 Items Needed When Sailing



Every time you go sailing, it's important to organize the items you'll need a few weeks ahead of time – and to keep a reminder list handy. Before even stepping onto the boat, gather the necessary sailing equipment.

So, here's a list of the top 5 items you'll need and to use as a checklist when packing your sailing bag whenever you go sailing!


  1. Sailing Gear

What you should wear is determined by your position and role. If you're just tagging along as crew on a sailing yacht, you don't need to worry about specialized equipment. If you're a pro sailor (or want to be one), you'll need special sailing gear, gloves and wetsuits. For extreme weather, a foul weather clothe is necessary and most importantly, a safety gear. A life jacket, also known as a Personal Flotation Device (PFD), is required; most especially if you sail frequently, you should consider purchasing your own.


  1. First Aid Kit

Always keep a first-aid kit on hand. Include all of the necessities, such as bandages, motion sickness remedies, pain relievers, and etc. Additionally, burn ointment and extra sunscreen should be kept in your first aid kit. Bring extras of everything in case of emergencies.


  1. GPS

The last thing you want to happen while sailing is to get lost. Keep an extra GPS as well as a map and compass on board in case of emergency. You can also use a smartphone, which comes equipped with GPS navigation.


  1. Food and Water

When sailing, the most important thing to remember is to bring food. A cooler filled with food is extremely important especially when going on long trips. Always consider others on board and the sailing conditions in mind when packing food. Choose foods that will last long on the boat. Never forget to keep extra food and water on hand.


  1. Tool & Repair Kit

The number and type of tools you should bring depends on the type of boat you're sailing and where you're going. You will, however, require a basic tool kit. While your vessel should be in good overall working order, unexpected issues may arise. An on-board tool kit can save time and aggravation by allowing onsite repairs rather than returning to port for repairs.