Things to Do to Get Ready for A Race

Things to Do to Get Ready for A Race

1. Get your boat ready to sail

Preparation is the key to finding your desired sailing conditions. Be familiar with the weather forecast and course information for your sailboats. Check the weather before your racing day and be sure that your boat and sails are in good shape and ready to go on the water. Check the rigging for any issues, make repairs as necessary, and re-test your rig to ensure that all winches work well and that all lines are tied properly. Regular maintenance, cleaning, and replacement of worn parts are required.


2. Get the crew ready

We believe that having the right number of crew onboard is essential, but if no one can do bow, you're not in good shape! We recommend that you provide clear instructions regarding arrival and departure times, as well as crew responsibilities. Don't forget to assign the important roles, coordinate and ensure that everyone participates. Obtain the necessary information, such as availability or gear requirements. Also, keep a list of replacements on hand for when your regular crew is unavailable.


3. Warm up and go over your strategies!

Being familiar with conditions is important before racing. Hoping onto the water and sailing when conditions are bad will result in a slow start. Experiment with various strategies to improve your upwind and downwind speed. Try different maneuvers such as tacking and jibes, see what sails work best on the course, and get organized as a crew before getting to the starting line. The more time spent together operating with a racing mindset will help your team perform better during the first race.


4. Review the rules

Keep up with all of the most recent rule changes and interpretations in sailing. To give your team an advantage, you must first determine what the day's racing will requires. Keep yourself briefed and ready to keep important information.


Tackling the unpredictable nature of sailing is part of the thrill of the sport. Each race is unique because the weather and sea conditions can change multiple times – even during the race. While you can’t control those things, you can prepare yourself, your boat and your crew to handle them. Sail faster than ever before!