Super Happy thank you! - Vendée Globe

Yesterday "Super Happy" Ari Huusela came full circle and come full circle. 25 skippers in the end will have finished by entering the classification of this Vendée Globe, and two formidable women will have taken their courage in both hands to, despite the disappointment of retirement, complete their round the world solo and join Les Sables-d ' Olonne.

In the days and weeks to come, the Vendée Globe site will come back to what to remember from this 9 th edition, which is exceptional just like the others, but in a different way. Because we are already looking forward to hearing from them, we will pick up the phone to inquire about the new adventures of our 33 skippers and applicants for the next edition. The calls, good news, will be made at less undue hours.

To the venerable and indestructible dean of this edition as to all the other sailors, the Vendée Globe sends its thanks:

For their boundless energy,
For their stubbornness in overcoming what seemed insurmountable,
For their formidable maritime skills,
For their empathy,
For their eagerness to come to the aid of the Other in dramatic conditions or for on-board problems,
For their sense of communication,
For their words, videos and photos which fed our imaginations for 116 days and a few hours, and which did not convey values ​​or life lessons, but which just suggested attitudes and virtues to express in the face of adversity. Thank you for suggesting the idea that coming to the aid of the Other makes sense; thank you for having maintained that we can face our own difficulties alone and remain united.