Best Sailing Books


Below are the best sailing books for adventure and inspiration.


This list includes books about learning to sail and sailing from around the world So, if you like sailing, boating, high-seas adventure, unusual travel destinations, or just a good entertaining read on a lazy day, these are the books for you.


  1. Sailing Alone Around the World

This sailing memoir was written by Joshua Slocum, the first person to sail around the world alone, and documents his epic solo circumnavigation. As an international best-seller, the book influenced and inspired travelers from all over the world. Slocum is proof that with enough determination, courage, and hard work, any dream can be realized. Slocum is a gifted writer as well as an exceptional sailor, as he captures events that are not only entertaining to read but also have significant historical and cultural significance given the time period of his journey. This book is perfectly written and captivating from beginning to end.


  1. The Long Way

The Long Way tells the inspiring story of Bernard Moitessier's participation in the first Golden Globe Race, a solo, nonstop circumnavigation of the three great Capes of Good Hope, Leeuwin, and the Horn. For seven months, the veteran sailor battled storms, doldrums, gear failures, knock-downs, and overwhelming exhaustion and loneliness. Then, as he neared the finish line, Moitessier dropped out of the race and continued sailing for another three months before finishing his 37,455-mile journey in Tahiti. He had never set foot on land, and he narrated his entire adventure in one of the most incredible sailing books ever written.


  1. Sailing fundamentals

Sailing Fundamentals is the definitive content intended to prepare the learning sailor for qualification as suggested by universal standards. It covers every aspect of learning to sail, from raising sails to docking and tying up. Sailing Fundamentals is also used in the projects of yacht clubs, schools, and sailing groups all over the country. Unlike many sailing books, which can reflect the preferences and quirks of their authors, this book has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it offers the quickest, most straightforward, and most precise approach to learning fundamental sailing and beachfront cruising.


  1. The Book of Sailing Knots: How To Tie And Correctly Use Over 50 Essential Knots

 Recently, cruising has seen some progressive changes: satellites and autopilots are now used for navigation. Counterfeit fiber and wire ropes have nearly supplanted genuine fiber ropes.

However, when it comes to brightening hitching, natural fiber is still the preferred choice. This book is excellent for learning how to tie the most popular cruising ties. The author demonstrates how to tie and use more than fifty bunches—including plug ties, twists, circles, and hitches—and in which circumstances everyone is generally useful.


  1. Once Is Enough

This classic true story of survival against all odds is a timeless classic. Miles Smeeton and his wife Beryl sailed their 46-foot Bermuda ketch, Tzu Hang, through the infamous waters of Cape Horn, following the tracks of the old sailing clippers. This is an exciting true story of survival against all odds, but it is also one of the most thoughtful sailing books available, with valuable lessons for other brave sailors.


  1. Sailing made easy

The book is the most comprehensive instruction and drifting wellbeing cruise manual for a date. The coursebook also includes useful outlines and stunning photographs of complex cruising concepts. There are also tests as part of the deal, as well as a glossary to assist those new to sailing in navigating the vast nautical jargon. Start your cruising dreams by learning the ins and outs of cruising BEFORE you board a ship. It's critical to "communicate in the same language" as the boat's crew. It will make your new cruising life much less complicated if you can interact efficiently.


  1. The Lonely Sea and the Sky

The Lonely Sea and the Sky is the autobiography of Sir Francis Chichester, the first and fastest man to circumnavigate the globe solo. Chichester moved to New Zealand at the age of 18 to work as a shepherd, lumberjack, and gold prospector. Soon after, he earned his pilot's license and embarked on his most famous solo flight from England to Australia. Despite having cancer, Chichester became the first person to sail alone around the world from west to east via the great capes. This excellent book is a must-have for anyone interested in sailing.


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